Friday, October 28, 2005

Al Franken for Senator?

(I know this I'm a little late on this one, but cut me some slack - I just started this gig!)

Just caught up to the news that Air America talk show host Al Franken is likely moving to Minnesota and running for Senate in 2008.
I visited Minnesota in 2000, and here's what I know about it -
  • Mall of America (didn't go, saw it from the cab - took about 10 minutes to drive by it going 70 MPH on the hiway)
  • "Summer" lasts about 3 weeks. Spring and Fall don't exist.
  • Everybody is super nice, and so are the lakes during "summer"
  • Jesse the Body/Brain Ventura 'nuf said.

    It is interesting that this great state of a thousand lakes would allow entertainers to represent them politically. But with the success of Ronald Reagan in the 80's, the Kindergarten Cop babysitting my friends on the other coast, and I-Man fave Kinky Friedman running for gov'ner of Texas, maybe this is the future: politics and entertainment merging together. Has anybody coined the term "politainment" yet? I think I'd pronounce it "Polly-Tainment". For another view on this merging, Matthew "with 2 T's and don't forget the middle initial, T" Sussman looks at what would happen if sports figures were in politics.

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    Anonymous said...

    If Al Franken moves to Minnesota
    he will be gang raped and turned out as hostess at the Holiday Inn
    to pleasure bow-hunters passing through town.

    He was born for this job.

    Look at those lips!!

    Anonymous said...

    1000 lakes, is 1000 good places
    for Al Franken to slip beneath the waves,

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, Ted Nugent here

    I'm in the market for a combination arrow-target
    and fuck-bunny
    (strictly for my dogs)
    and I think this
    Al Franken sissy fella
    will fill the bill on both counts!

    gimme his number

    DJ-M said...

    No doubt that some people (read: conservatives) are upset about Al Franken's recent comments suggesting Rove and Libby should be executed.

    This is a new site, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

    I guess this is a good place to mention that comments posted on these web pages are not necessarily those of the owners of this site (i.e., please don't sue me).