Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The First Day

I've been thinking of creating this site for a couple of years. My first choice for a domain name, aroundthedial.com (a tribute to the Kinks song), but it was taken by the time I decided to make a move.

After seeing today's news about the naming of Howard Stern's gaggle of replacements, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I had to put this site into action.

I quickly found a suitable replacement domain that I felt was short and easy to remember, and accurately alludes to the theme of this site. What is the theme of this site, you ask? Well, it seemed like it all happened on the same day. When Dee Snider disappeared from radio 104 in Hartford, Smith and Barber vanished from 99-1 WPLR in New Haven, and Opie and Anthony were ousted from WNEW in NY, I searched the web to try to find out what happened to them. Sure, I found news articles and message board entries posted here and there, but I found no single source for tracking the comings and goings of radio DJs or talk show hosts! That's when I had my idea for the flux capacitor! I mean, for "DJ Moves" - a site to track the whereabouts and what-happened-to of your favorite radio personalities!

Well all this stuff was in my head - just sitting there taking up valuable space, and was probably going to collect dust until completely forgotten about in a few decades, or if I was lucky, only a few more years. That is, until the news today... The news that Howard Stern's radio replacements had been chosen!

Adam Carrola:
Yeah, he's funny. But can I bare listening to his whining voice without knowing that within 30 minutes I'll get to see the payoff... girls jumping on trampolines!

David Lee Roth:
Yes, I was a huge Van Halen fan before Sammy Hagar came along. I even liked 5150 as much as any Roth-era album. But I think Dave has a couple of screws loose. Wasn't he driving an ambulance recently? Was that because he needed the money? Did anybody see the recent "Sam and Dave Tour" - can he still sing?

Anyway, that's how it's going to go. Stay tuned, as they say.

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Anonymous said...

I just recently found out that my favorite radio station has been sold and the fired all but two people, the GM and the Receptionist. I would love to know what's going on with DJ's Mark Osbourne, Sam and Craig, Cadillac Jack, etc. If anyone has any information on these dj's please let me know, my mornings just are not the same.