Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sebastian back in Hartford!

I was listening to Howard this morning on 106.9 WCCC The Rock (the radio station, not Dwayne Johnson) in Hartford, and a commercial told me that they thought David Lee Roth stinks, and that LANCE CHRISTIAN would be taking over the morning show on CCC when Stern gets Sirius in January. The official website of The Rock (the radio station, not Dwayne Johnson) tells me that having the former frontman of the greatest rockband of all my time (IMHO) would be "Just Embarrassing" (see screenshot from 10/27).

You think that's embarrassing?

According to, Lance Christian is the reincarnation of Joseph Schlosser, who was fired from CCC in 1988 and later had another morning show in CT on 93.7 WZMX until 1999, when the station switched formats and became HOT 93.7. From 2001 to 2003, "Lance" was doing an afternoon Radio sports talk show in Springfield, Mass. Uh'huh. Much better than Diamond David Lee. Good job with that, CCC.

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Anonymous said...

I was not a huge fan of Howard, but Sebastian actually makes me nostalgic for Stern's sense of humor. Poor Mary Scanlon! Y can't she be the lead DJ?

Leap Year in New Haven