Monday, October 31, 2005

Who's replacing Howard Stern?

Web advertisements from Infinity broadcasting are plastered all over the website of trade magazine Advertising Age, and probably many other relevant sites, promoting the lineup that is coming in to take over for Howard.

After ignoring the ad 4 or 5 times, I finally gave in and clicked on it to see if there was any new information, and actually found a pretty cool map on Infinity's website showing which Howard Stern stations are being taken over by whom (whom, right?).

Here's the map:

I guess if the station you currently listen to Howard on is not shown on the map, then you will have to wait and see what your new morning show will bring. For example (as mentioned here last week) if you live in Hartford, you'll be getting Lance. Lance is a reincarnation of The DJ Formerly Known As Sebastian (previously heard on 106.9-WCCC, and more recently 93.7 before they were Hot).


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DJ-M said...

Listeners are reporting that Howard has already disappeared from some stations. Here is the list of stations that have Infinity-approved replacements for Stern:

WXRK-FM New York David Lee Roth/FREE FM (*)
KLLI-FM Dallas David Lee Roth/FREE FM
WYSP-FM Philadelphia David Lee Roth/FREE FM (*)
WBCN-FM Boston David Lee Roth/Active Rock
WRKZ-FM Pittsburgh David Lee Roth/Active Rock
WNCX-FM Cleveland David Lee Roth/Classic Rock
WPBZ-FM West Palm Beach David Lee Roth/Alternative Rock

KLSX-FM Los Angeles Adam Carolla/FREE FM
KPLN-FM San Diego Adam Carolla/FREE FM (*)
KZON-FM Phoenix Adam Carolla/Alternative Rock
KUFO-FM Portland Adam Carolla/Active Rock
KXTE-FM Las Vegas Adam Carolla/Alternative Rock

WCKG-FM Chicago Rover/FREE FM
WKRK-FM Detroit Rover/FREE FM
WAQZ-FM Cincinnati Rover/Alternative Rock
WMFS-FM Memphis Rover/Alternative Rock
WZNE-FM Rochester Rover/Alternative Rock

WJFK-FM Washington, D.C. The Junkies/FREE FM
WHFS-FM Baltimore The Junkies/FREE FM/Alternative Rock

KITS-FM San Francisco Morning Music Co-Op/Alternative Rock

KIKK-AM Houston CNN Radio News

WBZZ-AM Tampa Talk (*)

KHWD-FM Sacramento JACK-FM (*)

WOCL-FM Orlando Drew and Mel/Alternative Rock

KXBT-FM Austin Star & Buc Wild/Rhythmic CHR

(*) Format Change