Sunday, November 06, 2005

Classic Rock is dead in Portland

So, you live in Portland, and turn your radio to 105.9, The River, hoping to hear some Aerosmith, or maybe a little VH. They've been playing "Jump" and "Hot for Teacher" a lot lately, but you'd be really pumped if they played something off of a VH album other than 1984... Maybe a little "beautiful girls" or "Atomic Punk". Yeah that would rock!

Wait a second... they're playing Kenny G. WTF!?!?

Well, my friend, they only play jazz now. Seriously. Go to their website,, and instead of jibberish about "timeless classic rock", you'll be redirected to which - without explanation (how about a "hey, loyal listeners, we've changed formats but thanks for listening all these years") - simply invites you join some "smooth jazz club". No thanks.

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