Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DJ Moves - Canada Edition

Okay, so we've stayed in the US so far, but this one seems interesting enough to mention...

From our friends in Toronto, a talk host is fired for offending his audience.

apparently, evening radio host Michael Coren told a 500 lb guy that losing 100 lbs was not enough - he should lose more weight. Supposedly, Coren mocked the fat man from New Jersey (U.S. connection!), and that offended listeners who felt bad for the obese American. Listeners called and wrote and emailed the station to complain, the station manager listened to a recording of the show, and promptly fired Coren.

According to, "Coren's remarks were still unusually heated and offensive."

Also, according to, the entire phone call was staged. The fat New Jerseyan did not even exist, and the faked phone callwas simply an attempt at humor.

Another door opens...
According to his website, Coren's once-weekly TV show on CTS can now be seen nightly at 7 pm.

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