Thursday, November 10, 2005

Freaky on The Monkey

If you were wondering what happened to "Freaky" Frank Nitty when 104.9 stopped being cool (they switched formats from Urban variety to news/talk last month); don't worry, he's okay.

You can now hear Freaky Frank evenings on 107.1, The Monkey (still in Biloxi).

I don't think I'd like a nick name like "freaky". It would be okay to be known as "the monkey", but only when being talked about (in a positive manner), not addressed personally. I mean, it would be okay if someone was telling a story and they were like "and then The Monkey walked in the room, and the party really started to rock", but if they called me The Monkey instead of calling me by my name - or even "hey dude" - I think it would suck. Especially if it were a hottie calling me Monkey, then it would be all too-cute-for-comfort; unless she did it in a total private and sexy way - then it could be hot.

See, Freaky wouldn't work in either situation.

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