Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Howard has left the building

I was going to say "Howard is Leaving Las Vegas", but he's already gone, according to the Las Vegas Business Press. With a one-day Infinity-imposed suspension, and a Las Vegas contract expiring today, Howard Stern is no longer broadcasting on KXTE-FM, 107.5.

The station is supposed to get the Adam Carolla project starting Jan 3rd, but all you'll hear is a lot of music and local jocks until then.

If you hear anything cooler than that, PLEASE let us know.

The paper also reported today that 104.7 on the dial will no longer play country music. It will now play Oldies. 104.7 will have the call letters KJUL, which used to be the call letters for 104.3, which no longer plays oldies - they play country.

So, in case I got it wrong, if you don't hear the music you thought you were gonna, just try all the numbers between 104.1 and 104.9 until you hear something you like.

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