Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Report a missing DJ

Did you turn on your radio this morning and feel like you were in the Twilight Zone, as some syndicated knucklehead was blabbing away... as if he had always been on that station.. as if he had always been in that time slot... as if nothing was wrong? Was your daily source of news and information, along with witty banter, replaced with "light hits from the 80's and 90's"?

Once you realized it wasn't just a bad - and long - commercial, did you surf around the dial frantically looking for your favorite host?

The personalities you were accustomed to listening to were probably fired - replaced by the corporate owners of the chain of radio stations that includes the one you listen to - without any warning to you! Perhaps they took a job with a new satellite radio station, or maybe they met their ultimate fate and are already spinning discs in radio heaven.

Has this ever happened to you, radio listener? When it happens again, let us know:

Click "comment" below to report a missing radio personality, or send an email to us at requests @ djmoves .com.

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