Monday, November 07, 2005

Right to Remain Silent

According to several news sources, Jefferson City (MO) morning talk radio host James Keown was arrested WHILE ON THE AIR this morning, and taken directly to jail.

The website for KLIK News Talk 1240 AM was too slow to access at the time of this posting.


Anonymous said...

They still have Party Line with James Keown on the front page.

Grr, I want audio of the on-air arrest.

DJ-M said...

A news headline on the station's website actually says he was on a break:

U-S marshals arrested 31-year-old James Keown (COW'-an) yesterday during a break in his talk show, ``Party Line,'' on station K-L-I-K.

DJ-M said...

Opera singer-turned-crime writer, Steve Huff, provides some great insight into Julie Keown's murder on his true crime weblog, The Dark Side of Planet Huff.

Shawna said...

I am James's sister and I want people to add a comment on my site at Thanks

DJ-M said...

Thanks for the message Shawna.
I believe the correct address for Shawna Keown's website is:
You asked for comments; are you looking for leads to try to prove your brother's innocence?

It would be great if you post some updates about your big brother's murder investigation regarding the death of your sister-in-law.

Shawna said...

Why would I want leads to prove that he is not guilty. The people who truely know him such as close family know that he could never do this, and never would. Why would anyone kill someone for money when they have assets greater than the life insurance? It's just the medias way to blow things out of proportion like they do with everything else. They have nothing on him. It will be shown soon and then he can laugh in everyones face for this dumb news. The media must not have enough to do since he was in People Magazine. Everyone tries to get their stories. Too bad that no one in my family will talk about it so they have to go off of hear say to write their articles. When this is all over with I hooe that they ask our family questions because we will talk to them then!