Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sleeping In

WRKR-FM 107.7 morning show host Scotty "Bud" Melvin announced on the air yesterday that he won't be showing up for work anymore, according to The Kalamazoo Gazzette.

The newspaper reports that the Michigan morning man of 15 years found out that his contract wasn't going to be renewed when it expires on 12/31, so he took his ball and went home after Tuesday's broadcast. I don't blame him; besides, he probably had a bunch of vacation and sick days to use up that the corporate bastards weren't going to pay him for.


Anonymous said...

Scotty Bud was worthless anyway.
He always was a wannabe.
He had weak pipes and a personality that everyone hated. If you polled the people that liked him versus the people who couldn't stand him its no contest. He was not well liked period. This is no loss for K-Zoo.

Expose the Truth

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot who doesn't appreciate the views from a voice (hardly weak pipes) that represented the common person. "Everyone" is a very big exagerration and I would like to see the results to that poll you are talking about. Maybe you are just some flaming liberal like Diane. I have no idea why they brought her back.
Greg (at least i leave my name) from Scotts

Anonymous said...

Using the term "weak pipes" sounds like an insider - someone who probably works in radio and had a grudge against Scotty Bud for some reason (maybe jealous?). Well, insider-boy, let's see how the ratings are without him.

Gary said...

I have listened to Scotty Bud for almost all of his WRKR days. He is the best. He made the other two. I have not listened to RKR since then. Why bother, when they boot the best they have.... I know he will hit the ground running. Keeps us posted on you present doings!

Scotty Bud Rocks!

KDawg said...

I missed Scotty Bud one morning. Came to find out he was no longer part of the WRKR morning show. I bought a satellite radio. Scotty Bud WAS that show.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello to everyone who checks this site and thanks for the kind words. I will be back on the radio this summer. Keep checking my website for the scoop.

Anonymous said...

Ratings were rock bottom. He was making $75,000 + and leaving at 10:30am every day. Since he's been replaced, ratings are #1, and his replacement is half the price.

Seems like a good business decision to me. Two years after the fact, and Scotty Bud still has bitter feelings. The best he has to show for a 20 year radio career is doing afternoons on the last place station in market #187. Nice career, huh?

Anonymous said...

He was a dick, I wanted to punch him. The show is way better now that him and that dumb bitch Steph is gone.

Triple_J71 said...

Scotty Bud was and is the best. The morning show just isn't as funny or interesting without him. Didn't care for Cluck either. Glad that he went somewhere else. I hope that they are better at finding a replacement this time.