Tuesday, December 13, 2005

$10,000 Reward, DJ Bob Dylan, Sponsorship

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the killer of Bakersfield DJ Karen Garcia by the radio station she worked for, according to KESQ News Channel 3. I mean, the radio station didn't murder her... they're just offering the reward.

Bob Dylan to be a DJ on XM Satellite Radio. According to the press release, he is going to be doing many of the regular DJ things, including "Spin Records, Interview Guests, Take Emails and Offer Commentary on Music and More".

DJ Watch: With only 3 days of Free Howard Stern left, and his big-market replacements (Adam Corola, David Lee Roth) not starting until January 3rd, what will be on your radio station for 2+ weeks? Stern reruns? DJ-free radio? Christmas music? Tune in on Monday the 19th and let us know.

Finally today (unless more interesting news breaks later tonight, and I'm around to re-report it), in deference to the Wisconsin radio station that sold the naming rights to its news room, today's DJ Moves post is coming to you from the FirstBoat.com rumor room.

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