Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All I hear is Country

If you live in the Tampa area, and expected to hear Don & Mike on your way home from work, or the Tom Leykis show in the evening, you can forget it. Since they don't have Stern any more, The BUZZ (1010 AM WBZZ) decided to cancel everything else, too. No more Howard, no more Don and Mike, no more Blow Me Up Tom, no more Sport Chicks (or sportchix), and no more AfterNoon Buzz with Steve Austin.

Instead, the station will be simulcasting the Country music heard on their sister station, WQYK FM. In addition, 1010 AM is now known as WQYK AM instead of WBZZ or The BUZZ.

Don't believe me? Tune in January 1st and you'll see.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. There is NOTHING to listen to on the radio in Tampa!! Do they want us to just buy satellite radios??? PLEASE throw us an audio bone and give us something decent to listen to--no more right-wing talk shows!!