Friday, December 09, 2005

Is being strangled considered natural causes?

Do you remember my post in November about Karen Garcia? It's okay if you don't; I barely remember my own posts most of the time, and neither of us really reads this site everyday, do we?

Anyway, when I initially read the news, I was shaken to see someone so young found dead of natural causes. Was I callous to think that if she had a life-threatening illness, she likely would have been in a hospital or facility or with family at the time of her death? It just seemed strange. In fact, the website for the radio station she worked at says she may have been dead for 2 full days before she was found!

I wasn't surprised to learn that her death was later being investigated as "suspicious".

Today, however, the LA Times reported that she was STRANGLED!!! Although her death is now considered a homicide, she was found in her locked apartment, and she lives alone!

Maybe some of you CSI fans can enlighten me...
Is murder by "strangulation" still considered "natural causes" because it is not committed with a tool such as a gun, or does that term no longer apply to her death?
Were the friends that "found her in her locked apartment" involved in her untimely death, or was there someone else involved that had the key? Is her landlord a suspect? Was something paranormal involved?

It sucks when people die.

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