Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Say it ain't so, Mo!

Yo, where did Mo go?

Oklahoma City's 94.7 FM, The Buzz (A.K.A. Oklahoma City's New Rock Alternative), posted the following statement on their website yesterday:
A phone segment recently aired during the Mo Morning Show on KHBZ 94.7 FM "The Buzz" contained inappropriate sexual content. "Mo" (Bryan Modzelewski) and KHBZ program director Jimmy Barreda are no longer with the station.

Damn, I wonder where Mo will turn up? Does anybody care?


Anonymous said...


amy said...

I for one am going to miss Mo. If the people complaining were smart enough to use the dial on their radio to change the station we would not have a problem. He had a huge following and I think KHBZ's ratings will suffer for it.

DJ-M said...


Looks like the syndicated "Irreverent hosts Lex Staley and Terry Jaymes", AKA the Lex & Terry Show, is in.

How refreshing - A canned, wacky team of shock jocks from Jacksonville, Florida, (and syndicated in 25 cities), catering to 18 to 49 year old males.

According to their website, "The show’s ability to rapidly turn around a ratings-deprived station has made them an especially attractive buy in many markets."

Anonymous said...

I am also going to miss Mo. He was a good guy and he was hilarious. People who complain about it are stupid, if you don't like what is on the radio then why the hell are you listening to it. I am sorry to see Mo go and will somebody post something if they find out where he went and what he is doing now.

jason said...

Mo was the best not afraid to cross the line and thats what he did Mo brought insite and laughter to the Rick and Brad ,brainwashed oklahoma listeners Mo had the number one spot and now the buzz may be changing styles again. We will miss mo

Anonymous said...

MO is an idiot. And here is what he said not word for word but you get the picture.

Right before Thanksgiving on a Friday about 9:15am CST a woman calls in looking to win some money. Mo said about 9 times if the lady would come to The BUZZ station and "Gum his slong" for five minuates he would pay her 5 grand.

It was priceless since I knew Mo was officially out. Lex and Terry are MUCH MUCH better and not annoying little sack of shit...LOL...

DJ-M said...

Mo Returns! Click here

Scottydawg said...

I totally disagree with you people out there in fan land. I've known Mo for years when he came on the aire for Rock 104 in Youngstown years ago.

The problem with society is that people have nother better to do but than to gripe. If you don't like the show, then don't listen to it. Turn it off. The same with the tv. But hell no, you have to sit there and listen to a person you don't like just WAITING for him to slip up so you can hurry to the phone and contact anyone WHO WILL LISTEN.

Society is so uptight like they have a rod up their a$$, we need people like Mo to make us laugh. Everything he says is true. But do we want to acknowledge the truth?

Here's the irony of it all. You would rather close your eyes to what the government is doing to you. But yet you keep them open when someone like Mo talks about those issues. You're totally biting the wrong leg. Maybe you should be attacking your governors and state representatives

DJ-M said...

Scottydawg said: "Maybe you should be attacking your governors and state representatives"

That's kind of strong, don't you think ScottyDawg?

I trust you mean attacking them verbally and peacefully, right?!?

Anonymous said...

Bryan "Mo" from the Mo Radio Show was amazing. He spoke truthfully and no one seems to be able to handle that. It's just sad - if you didn't like it, you should have just shut it off! and it's a shame that he's not on the air right now... Mo- hopefully we hear from you soon! Let us know where you're going to be

-Your loyal Youngstown fans.