Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 Daves: Dave Schmidt, David Lee Roth Countdown

Detroit Dave
Michigan morning man Dave Schmidt is out after nearly a quarter of a century at Lite Rock 98.9 WJEZ in Pontiac, most likely on his own terms or as a mutual decision. He's going to work for his old boss at 1080 AM, KGVY radio in Green Valley, Arizona (outside of Tucson), we're he'll be constantly explaining that he's from Pontiac, not Detroit.

Diamond Dave
Is it only a matter of time before David Lee Roth steps down or is asked to leave from his new morning show gig? With rumors/reports of little enthusiasm towards his job, boring broadcasts, and poor ratings, it will be a wonder if even Van Halen takes him back. And that's a shame, 'cuz after listening to Van Halen's first album as well as Fair Warning on my iPod this morning, I was thinking it would be cool to see the original cast back together. But if DLR takes a dive at his radio gig and goes back to driving an ambulance, he may not have the draw that the other VH boys had probably hoped he would attain by taking over for Howard Stern. VH would then be just as likely to bring back Gary Cherone as David Lee. Oh well, at least I could hold out hope for a Van Hagar reunion.

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