Monday, January 23, 2006

Adam Carolla causes shake-ups

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune /, Chris "Cantore in the Morning" Cantore is getting a partner for his morning show on 91X when Jennifer White shows up on February 2nd 2006. White used to have her own show in Seattle (with DJ No Name), but was replaced by the syndicated Adam Carolla show on 107.7 KNDD "The End" (appropriate).

In Reno, 100.9 KRZQ picked up the syndicated Adam Carolla show to replace the syndicated (on 2 stations, so does it count?) Rob, Arnie & Dawn show. So, the station down the street, 105.7 KOZZ Reno's Classic Rock, picked up Rob, Arnie & Dawn, but moved morning duo Steve Smith and Jim McClain to afternoons. Unfortunately, Steve Smith is going to have to find a new nickname.

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