Friday, January 13, 2006

Listen to Stern, Carolla, Roth?

According to the Daily News in New York, Illegal pirate radio broadcasts of Stern's Sirius Satellite program have been heard this week - for free - on broadcast radio, including 95.1 FM in Brooklyn and 101.5 FM in North Jersey (not the legitimate 101.5 WKXW in Trenton).

These free FM broadcasts are illegal pirate broadcasts, so don't listen to them if you're a Howard fan. You see, if nobody pays to listen to Stern, and Sirius only plays 6 minutes of ads per hour during Howard's show, they won't be able to keep those satellites floating in space, let alone afford Howard's $500 Million contract. Then the whole thing will backfire on you, and you won't be able to hear Stern ANYWHERE! So do the right thing: Pay for it, or don't listen at all.

If you're on the wrong coast, you can listen to David Lee Roth or Adam Carolla live on the Internet for free, legally, from the following official web sites of Free FM:
  • Listen to Adam Carolla
  • Listen to David Lee Roth

    DJ-M said...

    I still think Pirate Radio is cool, just not when it's broadcasting "stolen" content.

    Anonymous said...

    Two of the "pirate radio" websites that were broadcasting Stern don't seem to be doing so anymore. At last check, is displaying the cease and dissist order they received right on their website, and is redirecting to an ebay auction where you can buy the domain (Current bid: $250).