Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who the hell is Jack?

You turned on your radio recently, only to find out that your favorite station now sounds like a top-40 countdown jumping between songs from the past 25 years, without Rick Dees or Casey Kasem or Ryan Seacrest to talk you through it.

Here's what probably happened. The owner of your radio station wasn't making enough money, so he fired all the DJs and replaced them with something called Jack FM. Jack FM plays random songs picked by a computer, just like you're iPod shuffle, only with all the crappy songs you chose NOT to put on your real iPod, and without any DJs to add the flavor you get from your "old-fashioned" local radio stations.

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Adeliene Oxley said...

You are actually correct for the most part, only just the other day I heard a Johnny Cash song and I have never heard a station play it. It suprised me still I do not quite support this JACK fellow yet...I will however have to give it more of a listen I suppose. All in all, in the end I might just appear it to be just as knackered as all the rest.