Monday, February 06, 2006

The Big Dumb Muppet Show?

Fans of Greg Gonzo and his Big Dumb Show who listened to him for 5 years on Indy's Rock Alternative in Indianapolis (X-103 103.3 FM, WRZX), may have been wondering what happened to him. Well, he's in Las Vegas now.

Gonzo (the DJ, not the blue puppet that I thought was a deformed rooster - since he was always trying to bank chickens - but he may actually be an alien) will be turning up with his Big Dumb Show in Sin City, along with his co-host/news reporter Nicole Padberg. As of February 20th 2006, you'll be hearing the show on Area 108 (KVGS, 107.9 FM).

The station just switched to alternative from "urban adult contemporary" this past October

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