Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Buffalo Left Wing

Looking for your Oldies station in Buffalo, NY? KB 1520 no longer exists as you once knew it. WWKB 1520 AM is now a progressive talk radio station. Tom Donahue and Danny Neaverth, KB's morning man who has been with the station since 1958 (yes, nineteen hundred, fifty-eight) are off the air. According to Brian Connolly of The Buffalo News, the staff was told Monday that the show they were then doing would be their last. This doesn't sound like the Buffalo values that Tim learned from Big Russ.

Next Monday, Feb 13th, WHLD AM 1270, also in Buffalo, will also become a full-fledged left wing talk radio station. 1270 will be known as the "Voice of Reason" and will be Buffalo's home for Air America according to Buffalo's Business First. The morning show will be manned by Ray Marks and Alex Blair.

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