Tuesday, February 28, 2006

CBS suing Stern. Why should you care?

I'm not sure. Why is this a big story?
Maybe because it involves a celebrity and possibly HUNDREDS of millions of dollars to Howard Stern personally.
Because so many of you day-traders picked up stock in SIRI when they announced Howard was coming on board; or, if you're like me, you picked it up in the low-$5 range when they announced Mel was coming on board in November 2004.
Maybe because Sirius is still a small fragile money-losing company (wait - I just said I own stock in it!), and a couple-hundred million dollar lawsuit has the potential to cripple it!

For this site, it's important because we want to watch what happens with Stern (he'll stay at Sirius on the satellite thing, right?), and we like to watch one of his replacements, DLR, squirm. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Original-VH fan, and even went to see Diamond Dave solo once, but now he's embarrassing me - because I'm embarrassed for him (although less so than when he became an EMT).
Actually, now that he has taken so much heat, I'm actually rooting for David Lee to be a huge success in his latest endeavor. But I have to wonder; is it any wonder he is on vacation THIS week? While his new employer is suing the pants off the man whose shoes he is trying to fill?

Can't wait to hear how this one plays out.
Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

CBS is just pissed because they have NO listeners left now that Howard is gone. They are trying to get a piece of his pie.

If they didn't like him promoting SIRI on the air, then they should have hit the dump button!