Friday, February 03, 2006

Fired in Fargo

Fargo's KFGO (The Mighty 790) fired radio morning show co-host Larry Ristvedt, sports director Derek Hanson, and weather director Lou Bennett, as well as a few off-air folks, according to an AP story posted on the Grand Forks Herald.

The report states the moves were for financial reasons, and they follow up last week's dismissal of Ed Schultz. Ed Schultz is syndicated on a 100 stations, but broadcasts (until last week) out of the KFGO studio! They replaced him with the "Jack and Sandy Show" (Sandy Buttweiler and Jack Sunday), a team that was fired from the SAME STATION in 2004.

This doesn't help the narrow minded perception I already had of Fargo based on the Coen bros. movie.

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Nodak Jack said...

Jack Sunday here. It was a great move!