Thursday, February 16, 2006

Julie is really not coming back!

Tony & Cappy have a new chick for the New Morning Mix:
Mix 102.9 (KDMX FM) in Dallas is bringing in Kelly Schafer, from KQIA FM in Lafayette, Louisiana, as morning news and traffic anchor with Tony & Cappy.

So, it must be official, Dallas. Julie Hoyt-Fisk is really, definitely, not coming back.

This is kinda like when a character leaves a TV show, and they say their on vacation or at summer camp. Then, suddenly, they say he died in a car accident, and you know he's never coming back on the show!

Now the only question is... Where will Julie turn up next?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the way this happens, it's worse than when your hairdresser quits. I also want to know what happened with Jagger at KDGE. I went out of town, got back and POOF.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Same thing happened to me when I went on vacation... :(

Anonymous said...

Jagger will be on Live 105.3 FreeFM starting Monday morning (4/10) after DLR which will be running LIVE from NYC 5-9am.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. The EDGE corporate f--ks have lost their damn mind. They replace a perfectly good morning show and replace it with pile of s--t!!!!!!! Lex and Terry suck a big bratwurst!!!!!!!! And what really sucks more is there isn't crap to listen to un the morning. Definately 105.3 will get my vote and ears if Jagger and Jasmine join.