Thursday, February 02, 2006

Most Popular DJ Searches for January 06

Dear Bryan Modzelewski and Julie Hoyt-Fisk:

We don't know what you're doing now.

I DO know that this site,, has received more requests and searches from listeners looking for you than for any other radio DJ that has gone off the air (since our inception a couple of months ago).

Please let us know what you're doing now so that your listeners can hear you again!


Themoradioshow said...

Hey, This is Bryan Modzelewski AKA Mo from The Mo Radio Show! Apparently people are wondering where I am? I am hangin out in Cleveland and waiting for a F-ing job offer. That is about it. If anyone wants to hire a show that is guaranteed to make you number 1 email me at Thanks to everyone who has listened to me over the years and hopefully I will be back on the air soon.


DJ-M said...

Mo, It's good to hear from you. If you check out the responses to the original notice of your departure, you'll see some nice things (mostly) were said about you.

It sounds like listeners want you back on the air!