Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mr. DJ, You're no Adolph Hitler

I am not comparing Hitler to Kennedy, but Blaine Young to Dan Quayle. Unlike Lloyd Bentsen's relationship with Kennedy, I didn't know Hitler, nor would he be a friend of mine. (Okay, I can see why even mentioning the name "Hitler" can make everybody feel uncomfortable, as I suddenly feel like I'm typing on eggshells).

Despite my awkward analogy, why not compare the Young to Quayle, since Young is a republican who is in trouble for "comparing the president of the Frederick County Commissioners to Adolf Hitler" according to a story in yesterday's Baltimore Sun, while Quayle was a young republican who unsuccessfully compared himself to JFK. And of course, there was Quayle's infamous Potatoe Incident which was also a damaging verbal faux pas.

While mine may also be an "unfortunate analogy", Young, who is noted on WFMD's website for "stirring the pot" on his show titled Frederick's Forum, may be on the short-timers list at his ClearChannel owned station. IMHO, I don't think Quayle is all that stupid, nor do I think that Blaine Young is anti-Semitic.

To either support or voice your disagreement with Blaine Young, you can call the station at the number posted on their website:
WFMD Studio Line: 301-694-9363

Stay tuned.

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