Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oprah, XM. XM, Oprah.

That's right, with tons and tons of investor money to spend, and a pissing contest going on to see who could sign up the best talent, almost anybody can have a satellite radio show.

I know, I know, Oprah is not just anybody! She is the Queen of ALL Media. I'm sure it's been said before, but she truly deserves to have it said again.

Nobody on daytime TV has a bigger audience (8 Million People Watch Her Each Day!); I think she owns the Oxygen network, which is an entirely separate cable TV station; nobody can sell more books for unknown authors (Imus is a distant 2nd); her website claims that 45 MILLION pages of it are viewed each month by 2.3 MILLION unique individuals; then of course there's "O" magazine (being known by one NAME wasn't enough for her - she needed to start being known as a single letter!); WAYYYY back in 1985 she starred in the movie "The Color Purple", and was nominated for an Academy Award; she is currently producing a Broadway musical by the same name.

So now she is going to be a DJ; actually, Oprah style, she is going to have her own Channel!

Others have claimed to be Media Royalty (Hoo Hoo), but having a popular morning show, a couple of low budget TV productions, and one movie (which happened to be an autobiography), is not nearly on the same playing field as O.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care what anybody says, Howard Stern is the only KING OF ALL MEDIA!!! HE is ahed of the curve: 1) he put satellite radio on the MAP and 2) he is giving viewers what they want when they want it with Direct TV. Consider all this while realizing that he is producing multiple tv shows and movies that don't all star himself, and you will admit HE truly is the king of all media!!!