Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quad City, Quad City, Quad City

This article is so annoying to people who don't live in Quad City, wherever that is. I think it's in or includes Davenport, Iowa.

Oh well, if you are from the Quad City area, you will be happy to learn the following: The Quad City Times is reporting that "Red Hot" Brian Scott can now be found at Quad-City station KBEA 99.7 FM, known as Quad City B-100. Red Hot was formerly the afternoon host at Quad City's All Hit 98.9, and is now part of the "Red Hot and Darik in the Morning" show with his new partner Darik Kristofer. Kristofer is the former weeknight guy at All Hit 98.9 who spells his name with too many K's for my liking. Quad City's All Hit 98.9 is now a Quad City Christian station.

Previous B-100 morning man Jeff James is now the morning man on Star 93.5 (KQCS).

3 Cool Quad City Sites:
Figge Art Museum/
the Swing
Happy Birthday Jean Dean


Anonymous said...

Ah, some of us from the Quad Cities arent that bad

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us? What are the 4 cities? What is their commonality? Do people really call them that?