Thursday, March 02, 2006

Freak Fired in Chicago?

Just 30 days ago we reported to you that the Chicago Sun Times reported to us (and everyone else) that Tic Tak and the Freak Show were coming to Chicago from Detroit for afternoons on Kiss 103.5.

Did the whole show - or part of it - get fired already?

I don't live in Chicago, and I haven't seen any new news, BUT my website logs show that tons of people have searched looking for news about Freak Show on Kiss. (don't worry, I can't tell WHO searched for what... only what the search terms were). Maybe I'm reading the logs wrong, and the show just started today. But there's no mention of the show on the Kiss 103.5 website (and I don't have enough brain cells to remember if there was on 1/31 when I reported on their arrival at the station - maybe it's just not up yet?) Anyway, if you know anything about Tic Tak, The Freak Show, Etc, please post a comment, or email me at REQUESTS @ DJMOVES.COM. (let me know if you want to remain anonymous or if I could use your name or whatever. please don't spam me stupid spam machines.)

UPDATE from They ARE OUT! or, they just may be on vacation and pulling a stunt... STAY tuned!

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