Monday, March 27, 2006

Joe Scott & Liz Wilde Fired @ K-Rock

Chris Wadsworth of Southwest Florida's News-Press reports that 96 K-Rock has fired the entire morning show of "The Joe Scott Show", and have also canceled their evening program, "The Liz Wilde Show".

In addition to Joe Scott, the Ft Myers morning show also included Nicole Wilcox, Steve Omelette Normandin and Mr. Windy himself, Charles Shaw.

The article also stated that the team from "The Liz Wilde Show", including Wilde and Mickey English, were fired from the evening program. Liz Wilde was syndicated nationally for a while, and seemed to be an enormously successful chic-shock-jock.

Sucks for them. Wonder what crap the station is going to put in their places.

Joe Scott's Website
Liz Wilde has been Wiki'd
Liz Wilde's Site


Anonymous said...

radio& reports:
Christie Banks (from at KZPS in Dallas) in afternoons, replacing Stan & Haney, now in mornings. Weekend guy Dave Devereux now does nights, replacing Liz Wilde.

DJ-M said...

RIP, Joe. RIP.