Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lexington sports talk-show host fired

You won't learn this at the CT School of Broadcasting. How to get caught drunk driving:
Swerve in front of a cop in a marked police car, cutting him off and making him slam on his brakes.
Then, while he's following you, proceed to cross the center line several times.
After the police officer turns on his lights to pull you over, don't stop right away.
But when you finally do stop, get out of your car and run, even as the officer yells for you to stop.
For extra effect, it helps if you also previously pleaded guilty to DUI within the past 3 years.

This is, allegedly, what Lexington radio sports talk-show host Tim Woodburn did this past weekend when he was arrested for DUI. In addition to being a weeknight host, Woodburn is the sports director for WVLK AM, News/Talk 590.

Woodburn quickly decided to seek alcohol treatment, and asked for a 30 day leave of absence, but was immediately fired from his job anyway. Okay, driving drunk is wrong - you could kill yourself, or worse, others. BUT, don't forget alcoholism is a disease and this guy is asking for help and is already signed up for a treatment program. Don't you think the station should give him a break? Or should he be hung-out to dry-out?

Per usual, the radio station's website is silent on the subject of their former talker, and their program schedule page is void of any reference to Woodburn.

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Brian Davis said...

I am saddened to hear this news pertaining to Tim Woodburn.

Tim gave me my first break in radio back in the mid 90's with the Roanoke Express in the East Coast Hockey League which has led to me being a program director of a station today.

I lost track of him throughout the years but he will always be a friend.

I only wish him all the best especially during his time in treatment.

My Best Regards,
Brian Davis -