Friday, April 28, 2006

Reagan does lunch in Seattle

Ron Reagan, son and namesake of the former president, has signed on to do a daily hour-long program on 710 KIRO, where he'll also serve as chief political analyst; the Seattle talk radio station seems to have shuffled their lineup to accomodate the one-time MSNBC anchor.

Try to follow the rest of the station changes:
Dave Ross returns to a 9 a.m. start time and Ron Upshaw and Don O’Neill (Ron and Don) replace Dave Ross in the afternoon, coming from New Orleans, Dallas and San Francisco (not sure which they were at most recently). Complete lineup as follows; but, knowing you, you'll probably just listen while you're driving whenever you are going to or from work to get the headlines weather and traffic, regardless of whose on:

710 KIRO Morning News with Gregg Hersholt and Jane Shannon, 5am-9am

"The Dave Ross Show," 9 a.m.-12 noon

"The Ron Reagan Show," 12 noon-1 p.m.

"The Dori Monson Show," 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

"The Ron and Don Show," 4 p.m.- 7 p.m.

"The New York Vinnie Show," 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

I'm not sure if he's not a 'junior' (like W due to different middle names), or if he just prefers not to go by "junior" to try to distance himself from his deceased dad's right-wing ways.

Anyway, here's your 3 Seattle links. Don't click them all at once:
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

George McFly, This is Your Density

If you live in Denver and were looking for George McFly (the radio DJ, not Michael J. Fox's dad in Back to the Future), you'll have to turn your dial from Alice 105.9 (KALC) down to 99.9 FM(KVUU) out of Colorado Springs. You probably won't mind, because it looks like both stations play the same top 40 crap. I guess it's just a matter of which station comes in better.

McFly was on evenings at Alice, but I'm not sure when he's on at 99.9.

FMBQ, a radio industry magazine, says that Davin Fesmire (say that 3 times fast!) is replacing McFly at Alice, but as of this posting Alice's website is silent on the subject.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roth out. Opie & Anthony back in NY.

Non-satellite radio will be better now.

UPDATE 4/21/06: New details emerging of how the Opie and Anthony show will be shared between XM and CBS radio, uncensored and censored, live on both outlets. Looks like Roth will be totally eliminated; no mention of the fate of Adam Carolla, but if Opie and Anthony do well in their initial 7 markets for CBS, then I'm sure Adam will be looking over his shoulder!
Read reports from Reuters, NY Daily News, Boston Herald

Thursday, April 13, 2006

All over but the shouting?

It's always here and now, my friend
It ain't once upon a time
It's all over but the shouting
I'll come and I'll take what's mine
We're searching for the latest thing
A break in this routine
Talkin' some new kicks
Ones like you ain't never seen

Anyone know what original VH song these lyrics are from? I can't get them out of my head after reading this article that popped up on Yahoo news this morning. It's starting to look more and more like Diamond Dave won't go six months on Free FM.
But who knows? He's a veteran rock star and has admitted that he has invested so much time and energy into this project that he wants to make it work. With that kind of talent and enthusiasm, I'd put my money on Diamond Dave to stick around for a while, even if he is a longshot, and even if it's against the will of his new bosses. It probably takes any new DJ six months to get a groove on in a new gig, so let's give him some breathing room, Free FM management, and let the man learn how to ROCK again!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

London Calling

San Francisco's FREE FM station, 106.9 KFIR, has a big empty hole in its line up after firing John London this past weekend. The San Jose Mercury News reports that London was fired for "offering a reward on the air to have talk host Penn Jillette killed."

I think Don Imus would have been fired about 10 years ago (or more, but I think he really was fired back then!) if such on-air stunts were to be taken seriously every time a DJ says such a thing. Soooo, the only thing I can figure is either London's ratings sucked and they were looking for an excuse to fire him, or perhaps he made similar comments while off-the-air, thus making his on-air "threats" convincing to some. I think the money is in the former choice rather than the latter, and the company is afraid of ticking off poor ol' Jillette.

Obviously, London claimed his death-for-hire comments were simply satire and were sarcastic; that was probably the case.

In typical radio station fashion, the website is silent on the episode as if the DJ never existed (which is why THIS website does exist!)

There are so many "cool" links in San Francisco, that I decided to try to find 3 that aren't. It turns out they actually are cool:
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Jagger in Dallas - UPDATE

It's official:
Ann Pinson, writing for, says Chris Jagger is returning to the Dallas airwaves via 105.3 FM (KLLI) "Free FM".

Tune in Monday between 9 and noon to hear him, right after (insert DLR replacement here) in the morning.

According to the article, "Jagger says the show will resemble The Morning Edge, which ended in late January when KDGE declined to renew his contract."

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jagger to replace Roth in Dallas?

Rumors are being sent to me, and posted on this site, that Dallas is getting one of its missing DJs back next Monday when Jagger (not Mick) replaces (or follows) the struggling David Lee Roth (syndicated out of NY) on Live 105.3 Free FM.
Will this really happen? Will Jagger (not Mick) be joined by Julie Fisk as well?
Stay tuned for this developing story!

Power 105.1 gets a Clue

According to Chris Richburg writing for, New York's Hot 97 has lost DJ Clue to rival station Power 105.1 (WWPR). DJ Clue will get a better schedule than he had with his midnight shift at 97, as he will air evenings from 6 to 10 on 105.

DJ Clue is not the first personality to make the switch. Ed Lover and Star & Bucwild were also on Hot 97 before moving to Power 105.1.

According to the stations' web sites, Hot 97 is the "Official #1 for Hip Hop and R&B", and Power 105.1 is "NY's Certified #1 for Hip Hop and R&B", so it's sort of a lateral move, I guess.

Good luck, Clue.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Freak Show Yo Yo

(Or maybe, Freak Show See Saw, or Tic Tak Yo Yo). This may be getting a little annoying to some, but it's sort of my job to tell you about it. Looks like Tic Tak and the Freak Show are BACK on the air in Chicago at 103.5 Kiss FM (WKSC).


Try and keep up; I may have this wrong, but here we go...
We first reported to you that they turned up in Chi-town from Detroit, and then that they were fired after just a few weeks.

We then indicated that the firing story may have been a publicity stunt, but then they were REALLY off the air due to a contract dispute. Now, about a month later, here they are again (click link and scroll down to see Robert Feder's report in the Chicago Sun-Times).

Of course, the note does appear in the bottom of the Sun-Times April Fools edition, so who knows if they are really there or not. Please post a comment or send us an email if you know the truth.

Dropped like two hot potatoes

I can't believe that within 3 months I am already posting another item about a radio station in Idaho (see previous Idaho story)! But when two people have been on the air for 15 years with the same station, and they are suddenly off the air with virtually no notice, I'm sure you Idahoans (people from Idaho) are wondering what in potatoes name happened to Jon Duane and Chris Kelly - the AM Idaho morning team at NewsRadio 580 KIDO.

Well, according to Michael Deeds of The Idaho Statesman, the team disagreed with management about how their show should be run. When they gave 2 weeks notice on Monday, they were sent home immediately.

Now the question is, did it get so ugly that they won't work it out and be back on the air within two weeks? Or, were do they have a big-enough loyal group of listeners that will enable them to get picked up by another local radio or TV station? Stay tuned...

Oh yeah, here are 3 cool links about Idaho:
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Diamond in the rough

Diamond David Lee Roth continues to keep listeners and insiders wondering if he'll last the spring before getting fired or quitting his morning show duties.

This past week, he was mysteriously off the air for a few days after broadcasting live from Miami, and now it appears he ranted on the air about how he is not quitting anytime soon. Could just be publicity stuff (is anybody reading this and yearning to tune into Dave's show? Click here)

Well, in my 35 years of watching public figures deny stuff, this is a good indication (IMHO) that DLR is in his last days as a morning show host on Free FM. Should we start a pool? Pick a date and stay tuned.