Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dropped like two hot potatoes

I can't believe that within 3 months I am already posting another item about a radio station in Idaho (see previous Idaho story)! But when two people have been on the air for 15 years with the same station, and they are suddenly off the air with virtually no notice, I'm sure you Idahoans (people from Idaho) are wondering what in potatoes name happened to Jon Duane and Chris Kelly - the AM Idaho morning team at NewsRadio 580 KIDO.

Well, according to Michael Deeds of The Idaho Statesman, the team disagreed with management about how their show should be run. When they gave 2 weeks notice on Monday, they were sent home immediately.

Now the question is, did it get so ugly that they won't work it out and be back on the air within two weeks? Or, were do they have a big-enough loyal group of listeners that will enable them to get picked up by another local radio or TV station? Stay tuned...

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