Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Freak Show Yo Yo

(Or maybe, Freak Show See Saw, or Tic Tak Yo Yo). This may be getting a little annoying to some, but it's sort of my job to tell you about it. Looks like Tic Tak and the Freak Show are BACK on the air in Chicago at 103.5 Kiss FM (WKSC).


Try and keep up; I may have this wrong, but here we go...
We first reported to you that they turned up in Chi-town from Detroit, and then that they were fired after just a few weeks.

We then indicated that the firing story may have been a publicity stunt, but then they were REALLY off the air due to a contract dispute. Now, about a month later, here they are again (click link and scroll down to see Robert Feder's report in the Chicago Sun-Times).

Of course, the note does appear in the bottom of the Sun-Times April Fools edition, so who knows if they are really there or not. Please post a comment or send us an email if you know the truth.

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