Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roth out. Opie & Anthony back in NY.

Non-satellite radio will be better now.

UPDATE 4/21/06: New details emerging of how the Opie and Anthony show will be shared between XM and CBS radio, uncensored and censored, live on both outlets. Looks like Roth will be totally eliminated; no mention of the fate of Adam Carolla, but if Opie and Anthony do well in their initial 7 markets for CBS, then I'm sure Adam will be looking over his shoulder!
Read reports from Reuters, NY Daily News, Boston Herald

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Katherine said...

So how is Adam doing. I have to say, I am all geared up for the move to satellite, but I decided to give my local replacement station a try. And I love Adam Carolla in the mornings. I enjoyed Darian O'Toole. I also enjoy Penn Jillette. The John London show was often fun. I loathe Likeis (sp?), but that is not surprising as I am exactly who he hates, so fair is fair I say.

But the way 106.9 FreeFM is handling things, first Darian disappears, Oh god DJ drunk on the Air, who the eff cares. One off day and she is gone. And then London makes a granted stupid comment and then he is toast as well? I tell you, they are nearly forcing me to start shelling over the $12 a month to Sirius.