Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mad Max Morning Show Goes Beyond Thunderdome?

If you look at the DJ page on Myrtle Beach SC's 101.7 Rock Radio KZQ, all that's left of the Mad Max Morning Show is ABBI, the uber-hot co-host & producer of the show. No word or mention of Mad Max himself, or Jersey Boy, The NEWEST Member Of The Mad Max Morning Show (although Radio and Records Magazine reports JB is sticking around with Hot-ABBI). Stay tuned!

3 Myrtle Beach Links:
Mad Max web site (probably a broken link by the time you read this)
Baywatch should have been like CSI, and had a series for every city. Check this out.
The Carolina Opry

WHO left for WHERE?

Maybe this is big news if you live in Des Moines, Iowa, but it probably doesn't take much.

Des Moines radio personality Steve Deace announced during his show Tuesday that he would leave his 4-7 pm shift at KXNO (AM-1460) and move to sister station WHO (AM-1040) to host a program from 4-7 pm.

I'm sure I've never posted any cool Des Moines sites. Not sure if after this that will have changed, but here ya go:
Des Moines Arts Festival
Flying Mango
Heritage Carousel

Friday, May 26, 2006

Y101 just got Sludgier

Brian "Sludge" Haddad is reportedly your new morning man at Richmond's New Rock Y101 (Virginia) as of June 5, 2006.

The Sludge-hammer has bounced between a variety of stations in Chicago over the past ten years, and fills the void at Y101 left by Charlie Padgett, who is now on The Point - a network of stations throughout Vermont - with co-host Zeb Norris.

Three Richmond VA links... You want 'em, we've got em:
Civil War photos

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Steve Harvey Returns

After a year of being on mostly east coast stations, The Steve Harvey Morning Show is returning to its original homebase of Los Angeles according to Radio Ink Magazine.

The show will air beginning May 30th on 93.5 KDAY and 93.5 KDAI. Not sure why there are two stations on only one station, but you can get either station by tuning your dial to 93.5 FM.

I thought for sure that I had given you 3 LA links before:
Are you "IN"? LAIST
Reading Is Fun-damental: Los Angeles Public Library
¿Habla EspaƱol? Read this: LA Opinion

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The wonderful thing about Tigger

... and Egypt is that they are only temporary, according to Clear Channel publicist Josefa Paganuzzi. While other media have touted Tigger and Egypt as a permanent replacement of the recently fired Star and Buc Wild, the "temporary" part of the story was first reported by Hillary Crosley writing for Billboard Radio Monitor, a reliable industry magazine.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Star goes Wild, gets Buc'd

UPDATE 5/12/06: Hip-Hop Radio D.J. "Star" Arrested... [AL BAKER, NY Times]

Original post:
Clear Channel, which owns Power 105, announces:
"As of late this afternoon, (Star / Troi Torain) is no longer with Power 105.1 or Clear Channel Radio. We sincerely apologize to those who may have been offended by his remarks."

On Friday, Star (of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show) appeared to insult the wife of Hot 97's DJ Envy, & allegedly threatened the couple's 4-year-old daughter with explicit, sexual comments.

Full story from NBC.

Ironically (right?), the day before these on-air comments were made, a pro-Star article in the NY Daily News stated "In the world of radio, Star's position is solid."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

YeeHa, WooHoo, Whoopi!

Tune into one of many still yet-to-be-announced radio stations across the country between 5 to 9 a.m. on Monday July 31 2006 to hear the tentatively titled "Wake Up With Whoopi Show", starring Whoopi (no, it's not whoopie, just Whoopi) Goldberg.

While we don't know what station to tell you to tune into, or who is getting fired, we do know that the show will be on regular radio, not xm or sirius, according to several news reports which include this one from the Washington Post as well as this one from USA TODAY.

What I didn't know about Whoopi Goldberg before today:
She has won an Oscar (for Ghost), a Grammy, an Emmy, a Tony and two Golden Globes.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Elvis Sightings in Miami?

Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo on Z-100 in New York is soon also going to be Elvis Duran and the Y 100 Morning Zoo in Miami. Why? Elvis, Zoo, etc, will be simulcast from NYC so that the station in Miami will have something with which to replace Kenny and Footy, er, I mean, "The Footy in the Morning Radio Show". (Why do all the radio industry news websites act like Kenny never existed and it's been the Footy show forever, when Kenny was fired just a few weeks before Footy's supposed "retirement"?)

Ok, Elvis holds his own in NY and will probably do well in Miami, but it probably helps that he is bringing with him former K & F hottie Carolina Bermudez who moved to NY to join the Zoo last year.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

matt and fuzz off the air

Matt and Fuzzball, Matt and Fuzzy, Matt and Fuzz
The morning show on DHA that was
Every morning your listeners knew they were alive

Now you are gone without word from the station
Do those asses think your loyal fans will think you're on vacation?!
The old weekend guy taking your shift may be lame
That is to say that it won't be the same

Why don't theses stations announce the changes they've made?
Give us all peace of mind that we have not gone insane,
Your ratings may suck, but loyal listeners are there,
so don't treat us like shit - because we are the ones who care!

Good luck Matt and Fuzz, where ever you are!

Monday, May 01, 2006

First Kenny, Now Footy

It's almost like when Y 100.7 in Miami fired Kenny 90 days ago, they were going to fire Footy, too; but maybe the executives decided to give him 3 months notice and let him say he was "retiring" because either they liked him better than Kenny, or because he's old and they felt bad, or better yet, maybe he had something on the station.

Whatever the reason or behind-the-scenes story, the Miami Herald and several other south Florida papers reported that Footy "retired" today.

If you look at the article in The Herald and the Y 100.7 website, it looks like "Kenny-All-Star-Week" will involve rebroadcasting a lot of old material with the finale coming on Friday, May 5th. Yes, this Friday. Sure, he "retired". With one week's notice.

So, did Footy really "retire", or was this really all about slipping ratings as we suggested when it was first reported that Kenny had been canned? Or, was Footy just afraid of another Anthrax threat?

Anyway, I don't think I ever gave you any cool Miami links, so here ya go:
today at the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium
Current Exhibitions at Miami Art Museum (nice website!)
And finally... Yes, I had to do it: Miami Vice