Monday, May 01, 2006

First Kenny, Now Footy

It's almost like when Y 100.7 in Miami fired Kenny 90 days ago, they were going to fire Footy, too; but maybe the executives decided to give him 3 months notice and let him say he was "retiring" because either they liked him better than Kenny, or because he's old and they felt bad, or better yet, maybe he had something on the station.

Whatever the reason or behind-the-scenes story, the Miami Herald and several other south Florida papers reported that Footy "retired" today.

If you look at the article in The Herald and the Y 100.7 website, it looks like "Kenny-All-Star-Week" will involve rebroadcasting a lot of old material with the finale coming on Friday, May 5th. Yes, this Friday. Sure, he "retired". With one week's notice.

So, did Footy really "retire", or was this really all about slipping ratings as we suggested when it was first reported that Kenny had been canned? Or, was Footy just afraid of another Anthrax threat?

Anyway, I don't think I ever gave you any cool Miami links, so here ya go:
today at the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium
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And finally... Yes, I had to do it: Miami Vice

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DJ Moves said...

Footy fired again? Listeners report hearing Glenn Beck in Footy's morning time slot on 610 am. More here.