Wednesday, May 03, 2006

matt and fuzz off the air

Matt and Fuzzball, Matt and Fuzzy, Matt and Fuzz
The morning show on DHA that was
Every morning your listeners knew they were alive

Now you are gone without word from the station
Do those asses think your loyal fans will think you're on vacation?!
The old weekend guy taking your shift may be lame
That is to say that it won't be the same

Why don't theses stations announce the changes they've made?
Give us all peace of mind that we have not gone insane,
Your ratings may suck, but loyal listeners are there,
so don't treat us like shit - because we are the ones who care!

Good luck Matt and Fuzz, where ever you are!


scott z said...

"corporate" America strike yet again .

where the f;;; did they go , know one at the station will say anything ! why can't they just say , hey they went to so&so station , it's like some TOP SECRET info , F'UM . MATT AND FUZZ if you read this , I can assure you , YOU will BOTH be missed !!

take care ,

"scott" from atlanta

Anonymous said...

Fuzz wasn't bad but Matt was horrible. no professionalism at all. any time a female guest was on he spent the whole time trying to pick her up. their contests were so lame. I knew it was just a matter of time. now I'll listen again.

Anonymous said...

they were both jerks. I stopped listening to the station and now that I know they are gone I will listen to Jim and Erin

Anonymous said...

Fuzz was the worst..such a jerk. I am very happy to hear Erin back on the air as well. Now there is at least some decent conversation..

Anonymous said...

I was sick for a few days and didn't listen to morning radio. So I assumed they were on vacation. Thank god they're gone. Now DHA is my favorite station again. I don't know why Erin took their sexual harassment.