Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DJs check in but they don't check out

Within the past 6 hours, including just moments ago, 2 of your favorite radio personalities checked in to our little roach motel on the 'net to let listeners know what is going on in their lives. Sorry guys, we still haven't heard from Julie Hoyt-Fisk (where the hell are you, Julie?)

Earlier this afternoon, Scotty "Bud" Melvin checked in from Michigan to let us know he'll be back on the air soon; he wants you to visit his AWESOME website for the scoop, as he will soon announce the lucky radio station and his airtime. Don't worry, we'll tell you, too (hey, Scotty, make sure you tell us when you're ready to make the announcement!)
Also, if you REALLLLY like Scotty Bud, go watch the freakin' Kalamazoo Kings this summer and I think you'll hear him in the announcers booth. Seriously.

And just a few moments ago, hot radio chick Annrae from WLRS checked in from Louisville to first of all point out that she's the boss (I'm not going to question that!), and second of all to give us some additional scoop-action for her station (We'll take what we can get!)
Not only do they now have the Mo Radio Show in the afternoons, but it also looks like Bender is going on a .... (uhhh, what's that word for a long drinking binge?)...
"Bender is going to be replaced by Galvin (from 99Rock in Ft Walton Beach) tomorrow."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Return of MO

You heard it hear first! Well, maybe you only READ it here, but you get the idea. Fans cried out in horror, and wrote to us in droves when KHBZ 94.7 FM "The Buzz" canceled The Mo Morning Show starring Bryan Modzelewski last December over alleged on-air sexual content that ticked a lot of people off. (full story). Well, it worked (or at least maybe it helped!), because Mo is BACK on the air on Louisville's rock station, WLRS!

Hot radio chick Annrae will certainly be playing a lot of Mother Love Bone after learning that she is being replaced in the afternoon drive slot (3 - 7) with the Mo Radio Show! Tune your dial to 104.3 or 105.1 (I hate when stations do that) in the Louisville area to hear Mo on your way home from work soon (anyone know his start date?)

Is it only a matter of time until Mo proves himself worthy of the coveted morning show duties, and Bender is banished to overnights-only? Or will Mo tick enough people off in this new market to be fired, fined, and banished from the airwaves once again? And really, does anybody care? Stay tuned...

Here are 3 Louisville links; Mo, if you're listening, you might want to check these out:
Churchill Downs (in case you stay at the station long enough to go to next year's Kentucky Derby)
The Center For Women and Families (you might want to just go ahead and make a financial contribution now and get it over with)
The Ali Center (no witty comments, just a cool place to visit!)

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Tennessee Two Step

Tune into 96.5 The Mountain in Chattanooga, TN, and you'll hear some new voices: Brad Steiner moves from afternoons to a.m. to help improve the morning drive with Jason Walker.
Oz gets to go to bed earlier (if he chooses) as he takes over afternoons. Oz's old night spot will be manned by Jeremy "Fat Kid" Powell, formerly part of the morning show on 99X in Atlanta. (I guess it's a promotion even though it's a smaller town since it's his own gig, right?)

Yes, I found 3 Chattanooga websites you might find interesting:
Chattanooga Daily Photo
What the Fock is a Moc?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lexie Kaye leaves Savannah for the river

I love Savannah, but I guess you can't pass up a morning gig in Hot-Lanta when it's offered to you, right? So, Lexie Kaye is moving from Savannah to the big city and becomes the morning DJ for The New 97.1 The River (WSRV) in Atlanta. I guess if you were looking for her on "The Drive" or Rock 106.1 in Savannah, you're going to have to drive inland and tune your dial to 97.1.

Here are 3 Atlanta links you should not miss:
My favorite bar (or, the last non-nudie bar I remember being in when I went to Atlanta 10 years ago, before I blacked out for the night)
Stone Mountain Park
Remember this poor unlucky son of a bitch?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Crap of Your Life

Are you wondering what the heck happened to all your DJs on 880 AM (KIXI) in the Seattle-Tacoma area? You're not going crazy, you've got the right station tuned in, but let me tell it to you straight up like nobody else will:

All your favorite DJs were fired and replaced with a Jack-FM style syndicated music service, called "Music of Your Life", featuring all the CDs you bought ten years ago but never listen to.

That's right... Jim Dai and Jim Kampmann in the mornings, Jack Morton in evenings, Dan Murphy... All fired. Actually, Dan Murphy is staying on to make sure everything stays plugged in, according to Bill Virgin (yes, that's his name; it is also the name of an airline, record label, phone company and was even a soda pop at one time, so deal with it) reporting for the Seattle P.I.