Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Crap of Your Life

Are you wondering what the heck happened to all your DJs on 880 AM (KIXI) in the Seattle-Tacoma area? You're not going crazy, you've got the right station tuned in, but let me tell it to you straight up like nobody else will:

All your favorite DJs were fired and replaced with a Jack-FM style syndicated music service, called "Music of Your Life", featuring all the CDs you bought ten years ago but never listen to.

That's right... Jim Dai and Jim Kampmann in the mornings, Jack Morton in evenings, Dan Murphy... All fired. Actually, Dan Murphy is staying on to make sure everything stays plugged in, according to Bill Virgin (yes, that's his name; it is also the name of an airline, record label, phone company and was even a soda pop at one time, so deal with it) reporting for the Seattle P.I.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information, with the loss of Jim Dai and Jim Kampmann KIXI is just another DEAD radio station. They used to keep me awake in the morning.
Fred Wilson
32-222nd St.
Bothell, WA

Anonymous said...

With the loss of the Jim and Jim show I will no longer be listening to KIXI....I guess it's back to the old country western music. Will really miss the Sunday morning Big band favorite..

Anonymous said...

The Jim and Jim Show was the first thing I heard in the morning. I so enjoyed the happy patter they had with Bonnie Brown. Where did they go? It is certainly not the same with the new format.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I will not be listening to KIXI anymore, now that they have let go Jim and Jim. We will miss the old KIXI.

Sue said...

This really sucks. I'll really miss Jim and Jim and Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with this idea ought to be strung up and left to hang. I miss the morning humor with Jim, Jim and Bonnie and all the rest of the folks. The music isn't the same either. I am sorry this happened and can guarantee you have lost me. Shame on you!!!!!! PS - Be sure to advertise if they go somewhere else.

June 6, 2006

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression Fisher Broadcasting owned KIXI however loking at the most current Fisher website has no refrnce to KIXI.

Occassionally I am in the Portland, Oregon market on business and came across a similar radio wstation with the exaxt format. My suspicion is that the company that owns the Portland station purchased KIXI.

I have heard nothing neither in print or an air on the regretful departure of the personality of KIXI.


Anonymous said...

The KIXI gang was like an extended family for me. I literally cried when I learned they'd all been fired. Janet Wilson, with everything she's been through, was a bright voice to listen to, and an inspiration. I walked with Bonnie at the Y-ME 3 mile walk (I did it with a cane, following an auto accident, but I DID it, because Kixi asked us to.) Jim and Jim and Jack and Dan -- were part of my life. I am canceling my "Kool Kat" membership. Dumping on my friends isn't "Kool."

Anonymous said...

What a shock. I get to work early and always listened to the Jim and Jim show and Bonnie Brown. They made me smile. I was going to call KIXI to find out if they were all on vacation or what. I will find a new station to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Like many others I too was wondering what happened to Jim & Jim in the mornings. Fortunately this website set me straight (thanks!). As a result of the news I just sent a rather critical review of KIXI's programming change to both the General and Operations Managers with regards to these changes. I have listened to KIXI for years (since the 80's) but this latest change to the staff and the music format stinks in my opinion. Looks like I'll be listening to KWJZ from this point forward.

John M.
Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be listening to something else in the AM too. My kids miss the 'wall of knowledge' on the way to school. Post as soon as you know where they went, so we can beg him to edumakate' us some more!
Sent an e-mail to their management too. They lost alot of listeners over this. They kept Imagination theatre at least. But nothing else I am interested in.

AC - Tukwila

Anonymous said...

I am not happy with what KIXI did regarding the termination of their local, Seattle area on-air DJ's. I might as well listen to internet radio now--even if I have to pay for it. It is the only thing I can think of to punish KIXI management for taking away something I always looked forward to in the mornings. I used to patronize and buy products advertised on KIXI. If your ratings were "bad" with Jim & Jim, Bonnie, and Morton...I wonder how they are now? It wasn't always about the music......

Anonymous said...

I thought I had the wrong radio station until I realized that KIXI Management has taken the same route of bottom line mentality. There is no reason now to listen to KIXI even with their new hosts which have some big names. No offense against Pat Boone and the others but they already made their fortune during their careers. Now it seems to hell with the little guys we want the limelight again. Not on my radio anymore. Jim and Jim, Bonnie, Murf and the others will not go out quietly into the abyss. I pray them continued success and happiness which is what they added to my listening life. I will be searching the web in the hopes to finding them rebounding and now I know I will be flooding their new endeavors with encouragement and bottom line visability.

At this point I would have to say that KIXI has made it to the bottom of the abyss!


Anonymous said...

I will miss KIXI. It too bad you couldn't leave a good thing alone! Bye

Anonymous said...

I do not like the new format

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting us know what happended to Jim and Jim. I've listened to this "canned" music for a week now and it reminds me of the exact same format that they had when I was 10 years old, some 40 years ago. It's "impersonal" and I miss the Jim & Jim show with Bonnie Brown. I miss the morning show and I find myself turning to another channel. They've lost my support.
"We miss You"! A Fan, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

This show truly is the CRAP of your life. I don't think it will last long. No one will listen to it. I won't be!


Anonymous said...

Jim Dai is now on KWJZ Smooth Jazz 98.9. He’s GREAT! I have never heard him until now because of course that is the only station I listen to in the mornings. I am thrilled he’s there.

Anonymous said...

Right off the bat,I'will tell ya
that Jim Dai is doing the morning
show at KWJZ FM. I dont know where
Kampmann or Bonnie are, but I'm
sure they will do great.I do miss
the banter between the three of them. As far as I'm consurned the owners of KIXI have one thing in
mind [make KIXI a money looser,
and a big tax write off]. Thats
the way big unfeeling business works. As for me there is no KIXI
any more. I urge everyone to listen to KWJZ 98.9 FM. I am.
That station comes in clear no
matter where you are.

melanie said...

bring back the old kixi format that is that andthat is all

Anonymous said...

you lost 99% of your listeners are you HAPPY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Kimberly J-Everett WA said...

I did find out today (11/17/06)from KIXI (which is owned by Sandsusky Broadcasting) which means Warm 106.9 is theirs too.

They told me that Jim Dai is on KWJZ which I knew but they would not comment on Jim Kampmann and Bonnie. I have listened to KWJZ too for years-thankfully so this will be okay for me.

I loved Jim and Jim. They made me laugh in the mornings during my long commute from Everett to SeaTac.

I am only 41 years old but totally appreciated their humor and great music. My mother got me hooked on them years ago. She loves them too and is very disappointed.

I hope that all this comes back around to Sandusky so they understand what they have done. I have always heard if it's not broke don't fix it. All they have done is broken the hearts of long time listeners. But I also believe that when one door shuts it just leaves the possibility of many, many more to open. So I believe that since Jim, Jim, and Bonnie are such fun, talented, kind, and caring individuals that this will actually turn out for the better for them.

I don't know where Jim Kampmann is but I am determined to find him. I may just write to KWJZ and tell them to put them back together on their station and they will get a ton of new listeners.

I don't know what is going on with the owners of KIXI but letting Jim, Jim, and Bonnie go was a huge mistake. I don't even like the format at all now. I just doesn't seem real or personal with recordings of Peter Marshall, Gary Owens, and Wink Martindale. While they are all legends, it's just not the same.

I just wish Jim, Jim, and Bonnie well and hope they know how much people really loved them and felt a connection that they themselves created and they should be proud.

God Bless Everyone.


Kimberly J-Everett WA said...

I just realized that Sandusky also owns KWJZ that Jim Dai is on in the mornings now. Just thought I would update you all. So I am so not sure why the changes.

Anonymous said...

i leave the state for awhile and now this, guess im looking for a new station,,, music is awful now, dead beat can't get a gig 'dj's' from out of state,,,, kixi, you took a good thing and threw it away, i switching back to my old station,, i sure hope the few bucks you save now can offset the loss of old loyal listeners

Terry Eisenhower ,Morton, WA said...

Well It Looks like the KIXI manangment has found out that nobody was listening so they dropped "Music of your life" and broght back real DJ's and at least Jim Dai, Dan Murphy are back on the air with what looks like the old format when I pushed the 880 button on my truck radio in april.
I hope they stay with it. Wellcome Back guys