Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DJs check in but they don't check out

Within the past 6 hours, including just moments ago, 2 of your favorite radio personalities checked in to our little roach motel on the 'net to let listeners know what is going on in their lives. Sorry guys, we still haven't heard from Julie Hoyt-Fisk (where the hell are you, Julie?)

Earlier this afternoon, Scotty "Bud" Melvin checked in from Michigan to let us know he'll be back on the air soon; he wants you to visit his AWESOME website for the scoop, as he will soon announce the lucky radio station and his airtime. Don't worry, we'll tell you, too (hey, Scotty, make sure you tell us when you're ready to make the announcement!)
Also, if you REALLLLY like Scotty Bud, go watch the freakin' Kalamazoo Kings this summer and I think you'll hear him in the announcers booth. Seriously.

And just a few moments ago, hot radio chick Annrae from WLRS checked in from Louisville to first of all point out that she's the boss (I'm not going to question that!), and second of all to give us some additional scoop-action for her station (We'll take what we can get!)
Not only do they now have the Mo Radio Show in the afternoons, but it also looks like Bender is going on a .... (uhhh, what's that word for a long drinking binge?)...
"Bender is going to be replaced by Galvin (from 99Rock in Ft Walton Beach) tomorrow."

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