Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lexie Kaye leaves Savannah for the river

I love Savannah, but I guess you can't pass up a morning gig in Hot-Lanta when it's offered to you, right? So, Lexie Kaye is moving from Savannah to the big city and becomes the morning DJ for The New 97.1 The River (WSRV) in Atlanta. I guess if you were looking for her on "The Drive" or Rock 106.1 in Savannah, you're going to have to drive inland and tune your dial to 97.1.

Here are 3 Atlanta links you should not miss:
My favorite bar (or, the last non-nudie bar I remember being in when I went to Atlanta 10 years ago, before I blacked out for the night)
Stone Mountain Park
Remember this poor unlucky son of a bitch?

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