Tuesday, July 04, 2006

That Girl in the Morning

This is the type of wacky thing you would see on Jay Leno if you stayed up that late. There is a radio show in Florida called "Those Two Girls in the Morning", but the station suddenly fired one of the Two Girls (Deena Lang)! Now the station has a show called "Those Two Girls in the Morning", but it only has one host remaining (Julie Guy).

Does she has a split personality, are they going to swap out Deena Lang with a similar sounding "girl" and hope you - the listeners - are none the wiser, or are they going to change the stupid name of the show?

Please end the suspense! If you live in the Miami-Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale area, tune into 97.3 The Coast and let us know what the heck is going on in the morning.


DefLepard said...

Those NoN girls in the morning it what it should become, the lame firing of Deena Lang was uncalled for in this listener's opinion- to all the Coast Fm advertiser's I am laughing at you and anything you promote, myself and others will never purchase anything aired on Coast FM , good job management, Can you say 97.9 WRMF from now on?

The D'Anne Burley Show said...

My name is D'Anne Burley I am a internet Radio talk Show Host who speaks her mind.

And I am doing a program tonite about the issue of the change within the radio stations to removed human beings and replace all with this shuffle which means that there will be no talk to expose corruption and or any other information that those who like to not only jam but want more personalized broadcasting approach.

The recent removal of Mancow from the role of Q101 shows the intent.

Tonight on http://www.truthradio.com from 6-7 pm central I will discuss this issue you and everyone else viewing this can call in on the line.

Call in line available is 1-712-432-3000 ext 441930#

Spider63 said...

That morning show is awful anyway. They play the same exact songs every day on that station. Something needs to be done about these mega-chains that just play the same set-list all day and all night. Free radio has become awful thanks to Clear Channel, Beasley, etc.

DefLepard said...

As of Monday, July 24th, Deena is now a member of 97.9 WRMF's morning show with Jennifer and Danny

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