Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Toledo Mud Hens

WTF. Come on now guys, it's 2006. You can't go on the air and prank call Chinese food and sushi restaurants and make fun of the way the people that answer talk, and make racially insensitive comments. People are people, and if you do that kind of stuff, you just plain suck. You just don't do that.

That is, unless you are Josh Lucas Garber, a DJ on Tower 98-3 (WTWR 98.3 FM) in Toledo. As you might expect, Lucas has been suspended without pay (I guess that's like being temporarily fired).

In completely unrelated news, except that it involves a DJ and Toledo, a guy named Munchie is the new afternoon drive guy at KISS 95.7 in Hartford. Munchie comes to Hartford from KISS 92.5 WVKS in Toledo (hence).

When Munchie's parents came up with the name Brian Donovan, they probably thought of all the bad nicknames other kids might call him, and somehow overlooked that kids might call him "munchie". In any event, it looks like Munchie will be in Hartford for a while... he's got his own logo and a cool blog on the station's website.

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