Thursday, August 17, 2006

Country Music Movin' Away from LA

Mister (or Ms.) country music fan, you got screwed by some suits making decisions with their heads up their you-know-whats when Country 93.9 KZLA abruptly turned off the country switch this morning, and totally flipped formats to a pop music station. They are now known as Movin 93.9, "The Mix That Makes You Move."

You know where the friggin mix is going to make you move, don't you? Just a few notches up the dial to K-FROG at 95.1 FM.

Of course, you are welcome to stay tuned in and listen to Top-40 huckster Rick Dees every morning instead of Peter Tilden and sexy sidekick Ashley Paige, but he's not going to be counting down YOUR favorite songs, is he?


In related news, DJMOVES would like to send a heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Rick Dees for getting back into the game with his first full-time radio gig since being replaced by American Idol-Boy Ryan Seacrest-Out two years ago. Welcome back to the air, Rick - it's good to see you back on your feet.

In the company press release, Rick Dees stated that the new station gets him excited like he's never been before: "...the new Movin 93.9 gets me excited like I've never been before!"


DJ-M said...

Looks like KZLA is at least still playing country music on the Internet

And the new station has its own website, for now:

Anonymous said...

We don't need another boring radio station playing the same old songs you hear on every other radio station in the Los Angeles Area. We need some country music here. Please bring it back. Rick Dees is worn out and in need of retiring. Please bring country back to us.

Anonymous said...

We need our country station is important we have this family station we can feel safe letting our children listen to that has better moral lyrics than the other crap we have to listen to on other stations... this is a sad sad move that emmis changed and I hope movin 93.9 crashes and burns, like they don't have enough money already... please bring it back, Rick Dees is not someone I will listen to,, we need Peter and Ashley, we miss Buzz too and Shawn Parr too....

Anonymous said...

Here's a real station with Moral Vaules.

KFSH 95.9 The fish

Plays songs about God and his son Jesus Christ, not about Beer for my horses.

Anonymous said...

Like many other KZLA fans, I am disheartened to find that 93.9 is no longer the southern California country music station I’ve loved for so long.

When my sister called on Thursday afternoon to tell me that KZLA was playing non-country music, my initial reaction was laughter. It seemed totally impossible and I was certain it was a harmless prank or perhaps a technical error.

Well, rest assured that I am no longer laughing! Not only am I not laughing… I’m terribly upset.

As a resident of Orange County, I am now left with no station to tune to. For many LA residents KFRG 95.1 may be a plausible alternative. However, for me… unless I want to listen to a steady stream of static… 95.1 is just not an option.

It is inconceivable that this format was thrown in the garbage. That’s how I feel. Like my favorite (FAVORITE!) radio station was thrown in the garbage. Without as much as a warning. It’s an insult! It’s rude! And it’s just plain bad karma. That’s right! Bad karma!

And for what? Another R&B station that plays hip hop songs… Songs sung by girls that sell sex not music… rappers that disrespect women… songs without humor…. lyrics that lack entertainment? No thank you! Those songs are not for me.

I like country music and KZLA was the only place to get it.

I like my country music station, the same way I like my country music… FUN!!! Peter Tilden and the other radio personalities on KZLA 93.9 provided just that.


Is there a petition? If yes, sign me up right now. RIGHT NOW! We need to bring KZLA back to the radio.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous KFSH - The Fish:

Apparently your opinion doesn't matter. You apparently were not a fan of KZLA but for some of us country music goes back to our roots and it's not all about beer and horses. I'm pretty sure god doesn't mind if you have a little fun with it. The fact that they would change format because LA is becoming to racially diverse and they don't want to offend the immigrants with white people music is something that should sadden the whole country. I am personally offended by rap and some of the other crap out there but I have enough sense to change the station. I have listened to your Fish station and it is a nice station. But I don't want to listen to that all day long either.

Karen said...

Emmis Communications is the group of rocket scientists that decided we needed yet another unfocused radio station. I remember the first day that KZLA went on the air as a country format. This is wrong!! I hope that all of you who want KZLA and our great air personalities back on the air will email Emmis at Maybe if they hear from enough of us, they'll listen. Also, check out and be sure to boycott any of their other stations. And, hello? Rick Dees? That should show how desperate they are. But they will get what they pay for. I was a teenager when Rick Dees was on KIQQ. Remember that station? Disco Duck? I Just Can't Cope Without My Soap? I know people who have worked for Mr. Dees in the past and all I ever heard were horror stories about what an absolute S.O.B. that he was to work with. It was the same at KPWR. I hope he remains true to form at Emmis! It's the least they deserve for disrespecting the listeners of "the most listened to country station". I hope that we can all come together and bring our family station back on the air where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a petition you can sign to bring back a country music radio station to L.A.

Anonymous said...

I never listened to KZLA, but the new station isn't so bad.

I really miss MARS-FM and Groove Radio.

Anonymous said...

ISN'T SO BAD?? I don't know MARS-FM OR Groove radio but it sounds like this station would fit into your description of music. Seriously, (??) - Prince - Party like it's 1999.

They now have "has been" music and a "has been" DJ to go along with it. I hope soon they will be a "has been" radio station and fall flat on their face.

Anonymous said...

I am VERY disappointed that the powers that be decided that EVERY genre should not have a station to listen to on Free Radio and that the only Country station in LA was removed from the airwaves for a station with the same format as many others.
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Anonymous said...

Hey kids, it's all about the ratings...and while the 30 people posting here may have liked KZLA, fact is, the country format was NOT widely listened to in Los Angeles. Radio stations are in the business of making money...and they can't make money if people don't listen. Country doesn't do well in LA, nor does it fare well in San Francisco or New York. If you want another whiney Tim McGraw ballad, move to Knoxville. WIVK has a 25 share in the ratings!!
But L-A doesn't like twang. The ratings come out four times a year and KZLA never got above a 3 share.