Friday, August 25, 2006

"Lefties" Moves to the Right

The Air America folks that you listen to in New York City are moving to the right...

OF YOUR RADIO DIAL, when they move from WLIB (1190 AM) to WWRL (1600 AM).

LOL, I crack myself up sometimes, but here's what's happening...

Looking for Air America, including Al Franken and company? Turn your dial to the right and stop at 1600 (or 16 or 160 depending on what type of radio you have).

If 1190 comes in better, and you don't mind gospel music, then stay tuned in right there.

Don't ask me what is currently on 1600 a.m. in New York, as none of the articles I skimmed to learn of this event mentioned it. By the way, this all happens starting September 1st, and supposedly 1600 carries a weaker signal than 1190 so you might not be able to hear Air America anymore in some parts of the city or surrounding communities (NJ and CT).

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