Friday, September 22, 2006

Brad Walker gets his walking papers

Lansing has one less morning man now that Brad Walker, co-host of the new 94.1 WVIC morning show, was fired on Wednesday after his shift was over. I think it was thoughtful of the station to let him work for the day and tell him after he finished his shift. That way, he could concentrate better on his show and not be bothered by wanting to say goodbye to his fans or anything like that. Plus, he only gave the station 9 and a half years of service, so it was totally fair of them to give him NO notice when they fired him... It's not like he worked there for 30 years or something. What's everybody's problem??? Suck it up and stop your bitching; he probably sucked anyway or they would have fired him and kept the chick (Mary Turner).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opie and Anthony Rock Detroit

The Detroit Free Press is reporting what you probably already new would happen in Rock City. Rover is out, and O and A are in - moving from a lowly sports talk station on the AM dial to Rover's comfy home for the last 8 months on the coveted FM dial at 97.1 FreeFM (WKRK - don't call us K-Rock).

Who is going to fill O and A's shoes on XYT 1270 AM? Mike and Mike of ESPN, of course.

The Satellite-straddling duo and the Detroit station are promoting their new placement by giving away an Apple MacBook. Just click here, record something dirty.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ken Matthews Gets B104-Benched

After 15 years in the morning show slot at B104, the station abruptly decided to pull Ken Matthews off the air when his contract ended Friday, according to Susan Kalan of The Express-Times found on

The report says Ken Matthews is still employed by the station's corporate monster-owner, Clear Channel, which I guess means he's off the air but getting paid (sounds good to me!) On the other hand, since his contract ended, he's probably only getting paid minimum wage while they hold him back from going to work for the competition (is there any in Whitehall Township, PA?)

Mike Kelly, the B-104 afternoon guy, is all-too-happy to take over Ken Matthews' morning slot until a new morning host is found. But who is left doing afternoons? I don't know - please post 'em if you got 'em.

Here are your 3 links for Whitehall Township, PA:

Ummm, nevermind.

Jerry Springer Fired From Air America, Company May Go Bankrupt

Think Progress is reporting that their favorite radio network is going to file for bankruptcy, as Air America Radio laid off 5 staffers and fired Jerry Springer.

Maybe Springer was fired because he was too busy dancing.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

John London Tells His Story To Us

This past April we told you that John London was fired from San Francisco's FREE FM station, 106.9 KFIR, for allegedly "offering a reward on the air to have talk host Penn Jillette killed."

Well, it looks like John London just Googled himself and found us, so here's an update from him to you, via DJMoves.

Click here to read John London's comments on

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hugely Stupid

This is stupid.

Listeners of 107.3 "The Nerve", a rock station in Rochester, NY, were surprised to turn their radios on and suddenly not hear rock anymore last week.

What did the station switch to? Everything. Right now the station is calling itself "Huge 107.3" and playing a different music format each hour. Better yet, they are asking YOU - the listeners - which format to stick with.

Hey, I know! Tell them you want ROCK!

Haven't done 3 local links in a while. Here ya go Rochester.
Visiting Rochester? go here and ride a boat underground.
Being Asian in Rochester. APA-HiP
Do the ART WALK, Sept 17th!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Igor, you can't play that game

And you're fired.

At least he's "suspended" for the time being, and expected back on air on 9/11.

Igor, of Q92 WZKL FM, began a five-day suspension Friday night after his "Name That Tune with Mongoloid Mike" bit received numerous complaints from across the country.

The station only pulled the DJ after numorous complaints. They had aired the bit once a month for the previous eight months, bur received no objections, so they continued to air it. The station and Igor have since apologized.

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