Monday, September 04, 2006

Hugely Stupid

This is stupid.

Listeners of 107.3 "The Nerve", a rock station in Rochester, NY, were surprised to turn their radios on and suddenly not hear rock anymore last week.

What did the station switch to? Everything. Right now the station is calling itself "Huge 107.3" and playing a different music format each hour. Better yet, they are asking YOU - the listeners - which format to stick with.

Hey, I know! Tell them you want ROCK!

Haven't done 3 local links in a while. Here ya go Rochester.
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Being Asian in Rochester. APA-HiP
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Anonymous said...

I've yet to meet a fan of the
"HUGE" station. Hugely stupid
is right.

Anonymous said...

BRING BACK THE NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of the Huge.Rochester needs a good rock(alternate) station.And thats The Nerve

Anonymous said...

I am from across lake ontario in canada and, the radio stations here suck badly just like this HUGE piece of crap they're trying to put down our throats. I enjoyed listening to the nerve. There's not enough airplay for this kind of music. Why does the station have to change the music format to the same reched stench as every other station out there. BRING BACK THE NERVE SO PEOPLE HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE CHOICE.