Saturday, September 02, 2006

Igor, you can't play that game

And you're fired.

At least he's "suspended" for the time being, and expected back on air on 9/11.

Igor, of Q92 WZKL FM, began a five-day suspension Friday night after his "Name That Tune with Mongoloid Mike" bit received numerous complaints from across the country.

The station only pulled the DJ after numorous complaints. They had aired the bit once a month for the previous eight months, bur received no objections, so they continued to air it. The station and Igor have since apologized.

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Anonymous said...

most of his audeience is young and they dont know what the term mongaloid refers to and why people would get upset. All it took was one of his pre-teen listeners to have a sibling with Down syndrome and there ya go..trouble. btw- I heard the bit and we are not missing anything. Also, their station had a deal to do an opening for a big store/gas station that just so happens to be across from the county MR/DD that AND the Ohio Arc told the Down syndrome support world and they were not too pleased...Igor has learned that .this is small town Ohio andit place for Stern wantabees