Sunday, October 08, 2006

107.5 is flipped, Movin moves in to Portland and Dallas

Loyal listeners of Portland Oregon's (pronounced with an "in" at the end, not an "on") 107.5 KVMX The Mix, and Dallas Texas' 107.5 KOAI Oasis, were surprised when their beloved stations were replaced with a new format known as Movin.

Movin moves in. Listeners expected to take it or leave it as the new format is marketed to a bigger pool of demographics. Why can't radio stations be like sports teams? You know that when the Yankees start replacing staff over the next several months, you'll not only hear about it from the team, but also from ESPN, the YES network, and thousands of newspapers around the world. I guess many of the stations I write about aren't as big as the Yankees, but their fans may be as loyal and are not treated with enough respect when changes are made.

From the Dallas Morning News.

From the Oregonian (which I think is pronouned with an "own-eee-in" at the end).

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janelle said...

95.5 is good when they dont talk so much in the am. Movin 107.5 was better because they play old school and new school. I would like Movin 107.5 back. I dont like to drive to work listening to load ass PK. I just want to hear some jams!